‘One Dog and His Boy’ by Eva Ibbostson

I’m back again and this time I’m reviewing yet another book by Eva Ibbotson!

This book , of  course, is about a boy named Hal, who has really wanted a dog. He has begged his extremely rich parents every single birthday for a dog and on his 10th birthday they finally decide to get him one. However, to make this book more interesting there has to be a twist. Instead of buying the dog, the parents have decided to rent a dog, as they think that Hal will soon get bored of it.

Hal’s father, Donald, takes Hal to EasyPets and lets him choose a dog for himself, while he arranges the payment with the manager.

Recently, EasyPets had welcomed a new dog to their addition, a Tottenham terrier (see the image below). images Don’t worry it’s not as posh as it sounds! Kayley, a girlwho works at EasyPets, had found this homeless terrier and decided that she should take it to Easy Pets! The manager was not very happy with this “new addition” and told Kayley that “if the dog is not bought in a week’s time, it will have to be put down”.

Meanwhile, Hal struggles to find a dog and then he comes across the Tottenham Terrier, named Fleck. It is arranged that the family will borrow the dog for three days – three days full of laughter and fun for both Hal and Fleck.

Once Fleck is taken away from Hal, Hal changes. He has a plan to get Fleck back for good and that means stealing him from EasyPets and escaping to his grandparents’ cottage by the sea…

But when Kayley’s sister, Pippa, helps Hal steal Fleck, she accidentally lets out four dogs out too!

What will happen to Fleck and Hal? Will Fleck be taken away again? Will Hal ever get to his grandparents? What about the four dogs and Pippa?You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Although I wouldn’t recommend this book to older readers I would definitely recommend this book to younger readers! A 8.5/10 from me!!!

Other Writing

The new foal🐴🐴

Over the last few months I have been looking after two ponies, one of which is a miniture Shetland and one that is a normal white pony. 

The only catch is that the Shetland was pregnant! 

This Wednesday, 4th May, the Shetland gave birth to a cute male foal. I opened the door to their barn and there it was, toppling over and drinking milk. 

Isn’t he cute? Please leave comments below suggesting some names for the male foal! Maybe I’ll choose one of your names, who knows? 

Other Writing

Little Mix Concert 

My mum and I were very lucky to have tickets to go to a live Little Mix Concert. My favourite band is Little Mix and I got to see them in real life in their UK tour ‘Get Weird’!

The concert was held at the Genting Arena in Birmingham, where I have recently been for our Young Voices Concert. There were screens on either side of the stage that were showing adverts at the beginning. Then when the band were about to come on the stage, the video of Black Magic was shown and the curtains fell down.

Everybody started screaming and their beautiful voices boomed through the speakers making me feel a bit dizzy! They sang one of their latest songs and then had a little chat with the audience. Everybody seemed to like one of the mixers especially as whenever she sang everybody cheered- can you guess who it was?! It was Jesy.

The concert was really fun, we danced, sang along and cheered. The dances, the songs, the professional dancers and the stage effects were fantastic!  Just as they had said goodbye and everyone was all ready to leave, the girls came out from under the stage and sang the finale song – Black Magic!

It was a great experience and was a great first live concert! Recommend going to anyone who loves the band! A 10/10 for this concert!!!


Love Bomb by Kenny McLACHLAN 

Again I must apologise for my lack of writing recently, at school we have been doing SATS which means that we get homework every night. I would hope that I would be able to do more book reviews now. Now let’s get back to the book review!

My friend let me borrow this book from her. This book is the 2nd book of Flirty Dancing by Kenny McLACHLAN.

This book is about a girl called Betty Plum, and she has never ever kissed a boy, nor had a boyfriend. She has two amazing girl friends and a childhood friend,Billy. Everything is going on swimmingly until this H.O.T boy Toby arrives at her school. He is a trouble-maker but his good looks besott everyone, especially Betty. 

When Betty and Toby end up having a class together, things become complicated. Toby starts to flirt with her and she becomes his pet. But as Betty gets to know Toby she starts to find out what he is truly like…..

Will Betty get over Toby? What happens when her friend Billy starts to become closer to Betty’s girlfriend? Will Betty realise that she is in love with someone else?You’ll have to read to find out!

I would definetly recommend this book to the romantic readers. High on my chart for teenager chick-lit

This book gets a 6.5/10 from me. It could have been far more dramatic and engaging. However, it is a quick read, read it in a day and had more time for other books 😉



 The Martian by Andy Weir 

Another book review from me – The Martian by Andy Weir, which is a major film, too.
This book was about a man called Mark Watney, who is stranded on Mars, not like your standard Robinso Cruzo on a desert island.  His Ares 4 crew accidently left him on Mars and now everyone on planet Earth thinks he is dead. With no communication with Earth how will  Mark Watney survive? However, Mark is a clever guy, he plants some potatoes using “Martian” soil. No one has ever used Martian soil to grow anything, let alone vegetables from the Earth. Well, almost like Mr Cruzo…

Meanwhile, on the Earth a girl, working for NASA too, hasn’t lost hope that Watney is alive and she is doing her best to find him.  

Mark’s journal entries depict his life and challenges on Mars – you feel like reading someone’s diary, while  the events on the Earth are narrated by the author. I’ve found this way of writing quite enjoyable and each chapter, whether a diary entry or not, was leaving me on a cliffhanger and I wanted to read faster and faster to get to the next stage of this amazing journey. 

This book was full of drama and kept me asking myself questions throughout.

Definetly recommend this book and I will give this book a 8/10! 

I will try to get the DVD and watch the film, too.

And for now Au Revoir!



Other Writing

Happy Birthday to me!! 🎁🎁🎉🎉🎊🎊

I’m writing this blog now as an eleven year old, that’s right my birthday was on Wednesday and I am now eleven! I was very lucky and got lots of great presents! 

You might be wondering what my favourite present was? Well I’ve got to say that I’ve got two favourite presents! One of them was a Kindle Paperwhite which is an e-book with a glow light. My other favourite present was these very cool rubbers, they’re shaped into lots of different animals and even foods, the food ones are scented and are bought from the latest shop in Cheltenham, Smiggle. 

I also got some clothes, slippers, garland, a purse and a notebook too! But I have a feeling that I’m going to get more presents as tomorrow it’s my party. I’m not having an ordinary party I’m having a disco party and the whole class is invited! We’ve organised a karaoke, dance competion, limbo and even the conga! Like most girls I’m trying to decide what I’m going to wear! 

Overall I had a fantastic birthday and am very excited for my party. See you next time on my blog , bye!  



Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

I got this amazing book for Christmas! 

It’s about a girl called Penny, whose best friend is Elliot. Penny loves taking pictures and has recently developed a blog! Her story of setting up her new blog resonated with me and made me feel more engaged with the story.

Circumstances in Penny life change and she needs to move to New York with her mum, who was offered a job there. Penny doesn’t want to leave her best friend behind. Luckily Elliot’s parents let him go with them… (Very liberal lot these are!) Penny’s mother’s clients want Penny to take some pictures for them and she starts to drift away from her friend……While Penny is helping her mother, she meets a handsome boy, called Noah (WOW) and is drawn to him. She thinks that Noah likes her too.   

Noah has a secret, Elliot is jealous and Penny is confused. 

This book is getting 9/10! I have decided to become a bit stricter with my ratings now! My father told me “nothing is perfect, there is always room for improvement.” 

If you’re the romantic and dramatic type of reader, this book is for you! I would recommend it to teenagers. Love this book and look forward to reading the second one! Like Girl Online says, “Girl Online, going offline xx.”