The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry

I’m reviewing another newly published book by an author that I have never heard of -Sarah Perry! The Essex Serpent has been the Bestseller list of the Sunday Times for a while now( well, I do check the Culture section of the paper ­čśë ) and I got it just after Christmas from our local Waterstone’s.

The story is┬áset in 1893 and the main character is called Cora Seaborne. Recently her husband has passed away and Cora┬ásteps into the life of a widow. Her marriage was not pleasant and “she never suited the role of a society wife”. In fact the parts of the story depicting her married life were ┬árather upsetting to me – the husband used to pull her hair and caused her pain…brrr. Cora has a son, Francis and after the death of her husband both Francis and Cora leave for Essex.

They stay in Colchester until rumours about the mythical Essex Serpent urge Cora to move to Aldwinter. There she meets William, Aldwinter’s V├şcar. They both think very differently about the rumours of the Essex Serpent and start a┬áromance.

However ,William is married and Cora is very fond of his wife. William’s wife suddenly develops a strong fever and Cora suspects it might be the Essex Serpent.

Will Cora and William be together? What about Williams wife? Is the Essex Serpent real? Read it find out!

This novel is aimed at adults and is about the working of life, love and belief.

I would give it a 8/10 as it took me a while to get into the story !



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