Rory the Racing Raindrop

Hello readers, I’m very sorry for not posting for a while! I have now started high school and my teacher told me to write a story about how the raindrops go through the water cycle. This is what I wrote, hope you like it!

Rory the racing raindrop

“Ughhhh, today it’s just going to be a boring old Water Cycle day!!” stated Rory.

“I know right, I wish we could be like those racing raindrops– who take a different route each time!” replied Ryan.

“Wait I have an idea!” shouted out Rhianna, “We CAN be like those racing raindrops; we can make our own race!”

“That is the best idea ever!” Roxy exclaimed.

The four raindrops gathered together and decided on their routes. Rory was going through the through flow, as he thought that was the quickest way. Ryan thought the ground water flow would be the quickest.

Rhianna decided to be brave and see if the surface run-off would be working. As for Roxy she wanted to go through the process of transpiration.

“READY……STEADY…GOOOOOOOOO!!” screeched Rory.

Rory’s perspective:

“I really wanted to win the race; I wanted to show the others that I was destined to be a racing raindrop.

Out into the distance millions of other raindrops were getting ready to be evaporated into the air. I found this bit quite scary as it felt like I was going a million miles an hour, but I couldn’t show any fear! I am Rory the Racing Raindrop. Any minute now….. “SHWOOOOOOSHHHH!”

I really hoped that my route was the quickest way….”

Ryan’s perspective:

“After evaporation it was condensation this part is when all the raindrops either condense into rain or snow. I like being snow, but as this was a race I really hoped that I would be rain. I could barely see Rory in the distance, but just enough to see that he really didn’t like being evaporated. I wasn’t very sure if my route was fastest, but I really hoped it was….”

Rhianna’s perspective:

“Up, up into the clouds we went. The next step was to precipitate onto the ground and I had to act quickly and make sure that I won the race. Hopefully the ground was saturated enough for raindrops to move quickly back to the ocean. I was certain that the surface run-off would be the quickest way back home….”

Roxy’s perspective:

“Instead of evaporating I decided to try Transpiration, which is where you get taken up by the plant roots and return to the air as vapour. Anyway, I’m in the process of precipitation at the moment and I couldn’t see Rory, Ryan or Rhianna. Maybe they were behind me; maybe they were in front of me! Now I was starting to think that this way might not be so good after all….”

Rory’s perspective:

“As I landed on the ground, I remembered that I needed to infiltrate into the soil and then, hopefully I would get to the ocean first. To infiltrate into the soil, I had to wait for the soil to soak all the raindrops up. It was quite a wet day so it should work quite quickly…..”

Ryan’s perspective:

“To go through to the ground water flow I had to percolate deep into the ground and get transferred back to the ocean. We’d all taken our different routes but I was hoping that mine was the fastest of them all.”

Rhianna’s perspective:

“Today it was very wet and much to my delight the surface run-off was saturated enough for water to flow back to the ocean. I am so happy and nearly burst into a song, but there was no time I had to get back to the ocean so I could beat the others…”


The four raindrops had all taken their different routes and I will now tell you who wins….

Rhianna, who bravely took the surface run-off back home, was first. Then Rory, who had taken the through flow, was second. Next was Roxy, who decided to go through the process of transpiration instead of evaporation. Then last of all was Ryan, who thought the ground water flow would be the quickest way.

“Next time I’ll beat you Rhianna!” exclaimed Rory.

“As if,” replied Rhianna.


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