‘One Dog and His Boy’ by Eva Ibbostson

I’m back again and this time I’m reviewing yet another book by Eva Ibbotson!

This book , of  course, is about a boy named Hal, who has really wanted a dog. He has begged his extremely rich parents every single birthday for a dog and on his 10th birthday they finally decide to get him one. However, to make this book more interesting there has to be a twist. Instead of buying the dog, the parents have decided to rent a dog, as they think that Hal will soon get bored of it.

Hal’s father, Donald, takes Hal to EasyPets and lets him choose a dog for himself, while he arranges the payment with the manager.

Recently, EasyPets had welcomed a new dog to their addition, a Tottenham terrier (see the image below). images Don’t worry it’s not as posh as it sounds! Kayley, a girlwho works at EasyPets, had found this homeless terrier and decided that she should take it to Easy Pets! The manager was not very happy with this “new addition” and told Kayley that “if the dog is not bought in a week’s time, it will have to be put down”.

Meanwhile, Hal struggles to find a dog and then he comes across the Tottenham Terrier, named Fleck. It is arranged that the family will borrow the dog for three days – three days full of laughter and fun for both Hal and Fleck.

Once Fleck is taken away from Hal, Hal changes. He has a plan to get Fleck back for good and that means stealing him from EasyPets and escaping to his grandparents’ cottage by the sea…

But when Kayley’s sister, Pippa, helps Hal steal Fleck, she accidentally lets out four dogs out too!

What will happen to Fleck and Hal? Will Fleck be taken away again? Will Hal ever get to his grandparents? What about the four dogs and Pippa?You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Although I wouldn’t recommend this book to older readers I would definitely recommend this book to younger readers! A 8.5/10 from me!!!


2 thoughts on “‘One Dog and His Boy’ by Eva Ibbostson”

  1. Hello Naomi, great review! I’ve finished processing the photos I took of you this winter but don’t have an email to send them to you and can’t find your contact on this page, could you send me an email and I’ll send them to you? Hope you are doing well, I love reading your posts!

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