Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

I got this amazing book for Christmas! 

It’s about a girl called Penny, whose best friend is Elliot. Penny loves taking pictures and has recently developed a blog! Her story of setting up her new blog resonated with me and made me feel more engaged with the story.

Circumstances in Penny life change and she needs to move to New York with her mum, who was offered a job there. Penny doesn’t want to leave her best friend behind. Luckily Elliot’s parents let him go with them… (Very liberal lot these are!) Penny’s mother’s clients want Penny to take some pictures for them and she starts to drift away from her friend……While Penny is helping her mother, she meets a handsome boy, called Noah (WOW) and is drawn to him. She thinks that Noah likes her too.   

Noah has a secret, Elliot is jealous and Penny is confused. 

This book is getting 9/10! I have decided to become a bit stricter with my ratings now! My father told me “nothing is perfect, there is always room for improvement.” 

If you’re the romantic and dramatic type of reader, this book is for you! I would recommend it to teenagers. Love this book and look forward to reading the second one! Like Girl Online says, “Girl Online, going offline xx.”



3 thoughts on “Girl Online by Zoe Sugg”

      1. The context was where you were wanting to give a book 11 out of 10 and we discussed that you would give yourself more flexibility if you scored lower…… πŸ™‚


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