Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Before I start my review I would like to say a “thank you” to The Book Review Directory  for his amazing  review of this book and for inspiring me to read it!

I got the book “Clockwork Angel” in my favourite charity book shop! 

This book is about a girl, called Tessa. Her New York family all die and her only hope is her brother, Nathaniel, who lives in London. Tessa arrives in London and is welcome by two sisters Mrs. Dark and Mrs. Black also known as the Dark Sisters ( for obvious reasons!) The Dark sisters don’t turn out to be as nice as they appear in the beginning…..they torture Tessa as she had a power that ‘the Magister’ wants. Despite Tessa’s many attempts to escape, she struggles to find a way out. Then Will comes….

Now in the hands of the Institute Tessa finds out about the world of shadow hunters and maybe even find her true love. Will it be Jem? The calm, understanding gentleman. Or will it be Will? The careless, jokey, yet secretive shadow hunter. Tessa has a big task ahead of her, she has to find out where her brother is, who the Magister is and most importantly who she is in love with.

Tessa has a lot of dangers to face and most of the people she trusts turn out to be the exact opposite….

My favourite character was Charlotte, she runs the Institute and is only in her 20’s and looks after everyone as if she is their mother. My least character was Nathaniel, I can’t really tell you why I dislike him so much because that would give away the plot! But I can tell you that he is very weak and careless.

This deserves a definite 10/10 and I must say that Cassandra Clare left me at a terrible cliff hanger. As soon as I finished this book, we ordered the next two “Clockwork Prince” and “Clockwork Princess”  and these were delivered to me within a day.

I would recommend “Clockwork Angel” to those readers who love adventure, fantasy and romance.



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