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Christmas Markets in Cologne, Germany 🎄

At 2:45am on the 18th of December, I woke up. The previous day I had packed my things with excitement for our short visit to Cologne’s Christmas markets, some of the best Christmas markets in Europe! We left our house at 3:00am and drove all the way to Cologne, arriving there at 1:00pm German time.

We were feeling hungry and we decided to have a look at the nearest Christmas market. The first market we saw was Rudolfplatz, quite a Christmassy name, don’t you think !

Apart from lovely sausages and fish, we were tempted by Wienese Schnitzels. Good lunch and we were ready to do some shopping. My loving grandmother had sent me some money to spend, I saw a lovely poncho and thought it would be a a great thing to buy! On one of the main streets a guy was making soapy bubbles! There were big ones, in fact enormous, and miniture ones and my sister enjoyed them very much.

It was getting dark by now and of course we were hungry again, we got some scrumptious sausages from one of the markets and savoured the taste. My mum and dad enjoyed gluwine – spiced warm wine served in quite funky cups. Everyone else was standing around drinking and eating. We wandered soon more and saw a stall that caught my eye…..

It was the following morning and we were due to meet some of our German friends after lunch. For breakfast we had some croissants with a mixture of cheese and ham. Before we had lunch we went to see some more Christmas markets, that’s when we discovered the other bit of Rudolfplatz, which we had missed the previous day. My mum and dad had gluwine and as a soveneir we were allowed to keep the cup which  was shaped like Santa’s boot.

Then we went to have some lunch, we went to a bakery, with fantastic aroma, called, Kamps. My mum and dad ordered some cheese and cranberry sauce sandwiches,  my meat loving sister ordered soft garlic salami bun and  I ordered a piece of exotic looking pizza. We wolfed down our main course and then it was time for the dessert, my dad ordered us cream filled croissant, strawberry jam donuts, coconut cake and a half dipped chocolate cinnamon roll. With all those delicious desserts we of course had a few left overs.

We still had time to look at some more markets and my mum liked a beautiful light, that is now placed by the chimney side inside.

Our German friends were waiting for us at the reception of the hotel and to my and my sister’s delight they had brought along an adorable puppy! They were great at showing us around the city. We saw even more Christmas markets, one of them even had an ice rink! We got to see the river Rhine  and the famous Cologne Cathedral.

They had even booked us a table in a traditional German restaurant. Mmm..I can still remember the yummy food!


We had a lovely time with them and they showed us some really eye catching places. There was even a polar bear holding a tray full of beer on the roof of one of the stalls, not to mention the toy elves going up and down on ski lifts!

It was definetly a Christmas trip to remember and am hoping we go there again. If you would like to experience German Christmas markets, you should most definetly go to Cologne in December.



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