Lorali by Laura Dockrill

This book was so good that I finished it in one go!

The story begins at a beach… A boy called Rory is having his sixteenth birthday and he is on the beach. A girl called Lorali lies on the beach, naked ( oopps, anyone blushing …)

In Rory’s world finding a naked girl on the beach on your birthday is a shock, but it’s even worse when you have to look after her!

The beautiful, distressed girls has the beautiful name of Lorali ( see how beautiful the cover of the book is). She has rejected life as a mermaid and is totally lost as to how the human world works….she decides to go along with Rory and things turn pear shaped.

The novel weaves in stories of strange men – Rory’s friend’s grandfather goes bananas and a giant man eating birds appears!

Can Rory protect Lorali? Will Lorali settle into the human world? Will they admit their feelings for one another before one of them dies?

The novel is very engaging and fast-pacing and as Laura Dockrill said at the Literature Festival it is a story which should appeal to both boys and girls. I dare you boys!

My favourite characher is Lorali as she always believes in herself and helpes other people! My least favourite character was one of Rory’s friends who turns against him when Rory really needs him! I really don’t think this is something a friend should do….

If you’re  the romantic and adventurous type of a reader, this book is for you!

Another 10/10!c



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