Dark Tide, Waterfire Saga by Jennifer Donnely 

I have been a bit busy lately so I haven’t really had time to write the review about this awesome book!   

 I’ve just finished reading the latest book from the Waterfire series, which has also been signed by the author! To find out more about my signed books head to the previous book Serafina finds out where the talismans are. In this book they finally start searching for the talismans to defeat the monster with. Serafina , Neela, Beth and Ling all find their talismans. But now only Ava and Astrid have to find theirs. Meanwhile, Serafina finds out that her Uncle is the one that is leading the attacks in all the realms, and so she decides to make her own little gang. When I say little I mean 3000 trolls! 

When Ling finds out that one of Serafina’s uncle’s helpers is the person who created the monster, panic strikes. Astrid rejoins the group when her realm is attcacked and taken over! She even finds love along the way! Will she be able to tell her friends and loved ones her terrible secret? What about her talisman? Will she find out that it is in the hands of her ancestor?  You have to read this amazing saga to find out!

My favourite character is Astrid because she finally has the courage to  join the group despite her terrible secret! My least favourite character was Serafina’s uncle because I still can’t get over the fact that he killed his sister just to be ruler of the land! 

Another 10/10 for this saga! I’m waiting with excitement for the next book in the Waterfire Saga to be published.



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