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Penguin giftwrap!🐧🐧

Hello everybody! As you all know Christmas is coming soon and we have to get everything ready, the decorations, the Christmas tree, and most importantly wrapping up all the presents!🎁🎁

My mum gave me a Christmas DIY book and told me to read it and decide what I wanted to do. So I flicked through the book and then I saw something that caught my eye. Hand-made penguin giftwrap! You might be thinking that it sounds rather complicated? Well, it’s not!

Things that you will need:

  1. Paper as long as you want your wrapping paper to be! – we got a roll of craft paper from IKEA, perfect for this.
  2. A teaspoon
  3. A big potato and a small potato
  4. A bunch of newspapers
  5. Kitchen towels
  6. Black paint
  7. White paint 
  8. Orange paint
  9. A thin brush

First of all I laid out a bunch of newspapers and on top I  put out the kitchen towels. My mummy helped me to cut the potatoes in half and we managed to cut out handles on the top.

While mummy was sorting the potatoes, I prepared my paper. It was allnice and smooth on the kitchen table.  I squirted the black paint onto the kitchen towels and spread the paint out with the back of a spoon.

 I was ready for some stamping – dipped the half of the big potato in the paint and then pressed it onto the paper. Easy-peasy! My little sister also helped – watch out as it can turn out to be quite messy, especially when little kids are involved.  We covered the entire page with black penguin bodies. I would also recommend doing them different ways, maybe even do one upside down or sideways! (I made one penguin close to each other and I made them look like they were in love!)

Then we let the black paint dry. While it was drying, I prepared another bunch of kitchen towels and squirted some white paint onto them. We repeated the above process with the white potato stamp. And again a couple of minutes for all the white penguin tummies to dry.

Now it was time for our penguins to come to life…Mummy painted the eyes and the flippers and I did the orange beaks and feet. This time we didn’t use any paper towels, but simply just a scrap of paper, to put the orange paint on.Again, we had to wait for everything to dry.

So there you have it, that is how you make your own hand-made giftwrap! And remember keep crafting!!


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