Rogue Wave, Waterfire Saga, Book 2 by Jennifer Donnely

I finished the second book of the Waterfire saga! Yay! This is also a book that I got signed by the author herself! If you want to find out more about my signed books head to my previous post

Serafina’s dreams have led her city and her parents to destruction. Serafina with her friend Neela head towards the River Iele, where the ancestral witches are waiting for them. It turned out that Neela had been having the same weird dreams as Serafina, but in Neela’s dream they are not calling for Merrow’s daughter but instead calling for Navis’s daughter. They had both found it weird that the two of the most powerful mages in the world were calling them. How could they possibly be linked to these powerful mages? In the previous book they traveled to the River Iele and met four other mermaids and they became friends instantly with three….. All except Astrid who later leaves the five other mermaids and swims away, as she has a secret that she is too embarrassed to tell them.

However, the mermaid friends find out that they need to defeat the most powerful monster in the world, Abbadon. If they do not defeat him then the entire underwater realm is in danger. In order to do this they need to find the talismans of the six most powerful mages in the underwater realm. Serafina has to find Merrows talisman which is a blue diamond. Neela has to find Navis’s talisman which is a moonstone .  Even Astrid is included and they have to find Orfeo’s talisman which is a black pearl, Orfeo is the mage that created Abbadon. Ling has to find Sycorax’s talisman which is a puzzle ball with an image of a phoenix on the outside. Ava has to find Nyx’s talisman which is a Ruby ring. Becca has to find Pyrrha’s talisman which is a golden coin with a picture of Neria on it.

They all have special powers which makes them connected to these powerful mages. Becca is from Atlantica and her power is to think up of stratgies in difficult situations. Ava is from the Amazon River and is blind but able to sense things. Ling is from Qin and she in a omivonxa which is that you can speak all the langues in the world! Astrid is from Ondalina and she is very good at fighting. Neela is from Matali and she is a bioluminescent which means that you can turn into all different colors. Serafina is from Mirmora and she is a true leader. In fact it was all down to Serafina that found out where the talismans are!

In this book there is romance, there is mystery and most of all there is danger.

Mt favourite character was Ava because although she is blind she doesn’t seem unhappy and gives her best at everything. My least favourite person is still Lucia and because I’m reading the next book, it makes me even more dislike her. But I will save that for my next book review of the Waterfire Saga.

This book is amazing and I’m going to give it a 10/10!! I’m currently reading the next book so stay in tune for another book review from the Waterfire Saga.


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