Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnely

This is the first book in the Waterfire Series. I was very fortunate to get my book signed by the author herself! If your have read  my previous post, Cheltenham Literature Festival, you will see a picture of my signed books!

This book was about a girl called Serafina. Serafina is a mermaid, a princess mermaid, and today is her betrothal. She lives in a underwater realm, called Mirmora. In Mirmora the betrothal ceremony is a huge deal, it’s a coronation day and a marrige day. But it’s not that easy as putting a crown on your head and then you are the queen, a spider sees if you’re worthy of becoming a queen. If you’re not worthy in the spider’s eyes, then your only fate is death! To become the queen of the realm you have to recite a blood song, you have to do it perfectly. Serafina’s mum is ever so pushy, her entire life is based around her realm. But when the realm is threatened and the spider does not find Serafina worthy things get complicated and her parents lives are at risk. This might have something to do with Seafina’s dreams about ancestral witches calling her. A whole new adventure awaits for Serafina.

My favourite character is Serafina. She is clever and quick- witted, she thinks about others before herself. My least favourite character is Lucia, she is the worst mermaid you can meet, she lies and makes people feel ever so terrible. 

This book was a joy to read and I was turning the pages one after the other one  with curiosity and . This book deserves a 10/10! Reccomend  it to someone who loves drama and a bit of romance. Can’t wait to read the next one, keep in tune!



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