Magic Flute by Eva Ibbotson

Oh yes, it is yet another book by Eva Ibbotson!!!
This is actually quite a confusing book as this character is called by two names Tessa and Putzrel. This is because she is a princess, princess of Austria, but has given up her duties to work at an opera company. Nobody knows her but very soon things change and people find out her true identity.

Meanwhile a millionaire, called Guy, is planning to marry Nerine. He has loved her since he was a teenager. Before he became a millionaire, he had asked her parents for Nerine’s hand, but they refused. Guy was an orphan and the parents did not think he was appropriate for their daughter. However, Guy just wouldn’t give up, he was very determined and made lots of money. He could even afford to buy a castle in Austria. He was hoping to surprise Nerine and earn her love again.

But Guy has made a mistake, Nerine is aware of his wealth now and has become quite greedy.

As part of the big event Guy hires an opera troupe and you can guess what is happening then. Guy and Tess fall in love but things are more complicated due to Tess’s background.

My favourite character was Tess, she would do anything for anyone. She thinks about other people before herself, and has a gift with animals. It made me wish that everyone in the world would be as nice and caring as her. I absolutely disliked Nerine, she was snobbish, selfish and greedy.

This book gets a 8/10 because at some parts I just felt a bit bored with repeating plots!



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