Cheltenham Literature Festival

Yesterday I went to the Cheltenham Literature festival.

I saw two authors who were both amazing!

One of them was called Laura Dockrill. She is the author of Lorali. Lorali is about mermaid love. As I haven’t yet read the book I can’t really tell you anything else!Laura Dockrill is very funny, she is currently writing a book about a talking cookie. 😂😂. She was a very amusing person!

The other one was the American author Jennifer Donnely. She is the writer of the Waterfire Saga. This series was commissioned by Disney! So this series could become a film before long! 😀😀 This book is also about mermaids! I’m currently reading Deep Blue, which is the first book from the series!

I was very lucky to get my books signed by Laura Dockrill and Jennifer Donnely!!! (How exciting!!!!!!)


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