The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson 

It’s yet another book by Eva Ibboston, yeah I have got to admit that she is my all time favourite author At the moment!

This story is about a girl called Ruth, she lives in Vienna and she absolutely loves it there. She is a very chatty person and only Remains silent when she listens to music ! So her parents decided to introduce her to one of her cousins, Heidi, as he is a piano musician. Ruth falls in love with him and becomes his musician helper. So as you can see Ruth’s life is happy, she has a wonderful boyfriend, lovely, caring parents and so on. But suddenly when the World War II strikes, Ruth’s life turns upside down. Her parents, so loving and caring, flee to London. Ruth is left behind. Heidi, however has a job in another country, and he flees, too. 

Ruth thinks her life is over and done, but then comes Quin, who used to be her dad’s assistant.  Quin offers a marriage, which will only last for Ruth to get a passport and fly to Engalnd, (Quin is an English man), but things start to get complicated….. Ruth reaches England safe and sound, and Quin and Ruth decide that it would be better if they never see each other again. Ruth finds her parents, who can never forgive themselves for leaving Ruth behind. When Ruth sees that there is not enough money for them all, she tells her mother that she will find a job. Her mother doesn’t want Ruth to work and persuades her to get a scholarship and study. 

A few weeks later Ruth gets a letter saying that she has been awarded the scholarship ! Ruth is so happy, however she does not know that Quin will be working there.

Ruth’s life has just got better, will it be turned upside down again?  Heidi comes back onto the scene, a horrible clever girl from the university, Quin, who is the noble owner of Bowmount and even a baby!

My favourite character is Ruth as she is very clever, good-hearted and loving. I didn’t like Heidi at all because who makes your girlfriend become into your personal slave? I also really liked Quin, he is quite cold toward Ruth when she goes to his university, but at the beginning and after he is quite romantic!  

I would most definetly recommend this book to older readers! It is very romantic.It is yet another 10/10 for Eva Ibbotson!



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