Scarlett by Marrisa Meyer

This is a book that I read while I was on holiday! Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures as it was an e -book.

This is the second book from “The Lunar Chronicles” by Marrisa Meyer. I have previously written a review of “Cinder” – the first in the series. In “Scarlett” there is a new addition to the crew, or maybe two, or even three!

Scarlett is living with her grandma in a cottage. One day she comes back and sees that her grandma has gone! But there on the kitchen table is her grandma’s I.D chip…… She goes searching  for her grandma, will she find love in the way? A mysterious gang member is  fighting on the streets, he wants to help Scarlett, or is he lying? There is only one way to find out and that is to go with him! Scarlett finds out a lot more about the world than she already knows, and especially about the mysterious street fighter named Wolf.

Meanwhile, the Cinder’s story continues and she finds a way of escaping her prison cell, making a new friend on the way.

As this is the second book lots of the things are linked to the previous novel and therefore it would ruin the first book if I tell you anymore!

I would recommend this book to anyone! It’s another 10/10 for Marissa Meyer’s Scarlett!


2 thoughts on “Scarlett by Marrisa Meyer”

  1. Well written Omi:) I really like your energetic style and it communicate your enjoyment of the book very effectively. It draws me into the story and you leave my with something extra to the book not just a description of what the book said 🙂


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