Breaking News🌍🌏🌎

It’s time for some of my breaking news!! (With the help of First News amazing ideas!) 
Doctors should get rid of coats!

Doctors have been wearing white coats since the 19th century! However, Edmond Fernandes says that teh coats have another way of passing harmful bacteria. There has also been tests in other countries that have shown that this is in fact true! But don’t get worried about going to the doctors because UK health officials banned white coats, (including watches, rings and ties), in 2007. This is quite a different story in India… Fernandes says that Indian hospitals don’t have many changing rooms, so doctors have to wear their coats from home. The doctors also wear these to the cafeteria and the toilet! Fernandes thinks that it would be better not to have white coats as it would reduce bacteria and infections  to the patients. She also thinks that better handwashing should be approved in India! I hope they solve their bacteria problem.😀😉

Catch that squirrel!!😌😌

The police were urgently called when a squirrel wouldn’t stop chasing a young women down the street. Fortunately, the officers caught the squirrel culprint and took him back to the station! The police waited for the squirrel to calm down and then took him to a local animal sanctuary! I bet the police won’t forget that unforgettable animal prisoner! 😂😂

Real-Life Disney story!

Why not have some amzing news about a real life Disney house! Some of you may know the film ‘Up’ but some of you may not… It’s about an old man who one day puts balloons on top of his house and it starts to fly! However this can be a true story…In 2006 an elderly woman, named Edith Macefield, was offered £640,000 for her home in Seattle. She has lived in the same house  since the early 1950s! However, local developers wanted to build loads if shops and other businesses around Edith’s home and needed her land. Edith then turned down the offer and soon became a household name to Seattle residents. The developers couldn’t try to persuade Edith to move as she had strongly kept to her decision. Edith knew she was getting old d wanted to die in the house she lived and cared for. The developers couldn’t do anything about it and built the complex buildings around Edith’s home. This a link with Up! In the year of Edith’s unfortunate death people started to realise similarities between Edith’s story and the Disney film. So soon enough Edith’s house was called the”Up house”.  What an amazing story! Not to mention people had also agreed to put balloons on top of her house!😆😆

I hope you all enjoyed my breaking news and a big thanks again to First News!😉😊


2 thoughts on “Breaking News🌍🌏🌎”

  1. Мила Оми, много се радвам, че отново пишеш в блога си. Чета го с интерес, макар и трудно. Прекрасно е . И с всяка следваща публикация ставаш все по-добра! Успех! С тебе съм!


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