Changeling by Philippa Gregory 

Hello everybody, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting anything for a while but I have been on holiday in Greece! So stay in tune this week with more book reviews and a picture filled adventure of my time in Greece….But now it’s time for me to write a book review!

This book is the first book of the series Order ofDarkness by Philippa Gregory and I borrowed it from my local library. 

I loved this book full of adventure, love and mystery. To be honest, I felt as if I was into a Scooby Dooby Doo story! 

The novel  is about a young man called Luca ,who is from the nunnery, and he is sent by the high priest to discover the good from the evil. His first mission starts in a woman’s nunnery….. Meanwhile, a beautiful young maiden has lost her father who by will tells her that she has to be married to a solider and stay in his castle or go to the local women’s nunnery. Isolde isn’t sure that her brother has told her the right will but she still carries on. She doesn’t want to marry the solider as he is very cruel. So Isolde’s brother sends her to the nunnery, and Isolde does not know what is awaiting her….. 

This book is an excellent book and would definitely reccomend it! I would feel bad if I gave this book less than a ten, so there you will see that I will have to give this book a 10/10!!! Thanks,  Philippa Gregory you don’t only write brilliant adult books but you also write fantastic young adults’ books!




1 thought on “Changeling by Philippa Gregory ”

  1. Мила Оми , радвам се , че отново пишеш в блога си. Липсваше ми. Сигурно си прочела много книги през ваканцията и сега чакам с интерес да прочета мнението ти за тях. Гордея се с тебе и те обичам много


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