The Lunar Chronicles “Cinder” by Marrisa Meyer

One of our American guests, who is a writer, recommended the Lunar Chronicles to me. She saw me reading and we shared our love for writing and exploring new authors. At our recent school book fair I got lucky and I found the first book of the Chronicles: “Cinder”

Cinder is a modern version of Cinderella and a bit scarier. But not that scary! It’s about a girl called Cinder and she is a cyborg. By a cyborg I mean she is mechanic robot that is like a human but made out of metal. She has a stepmother called Adri and she is very horrible to Cinder. Adri makes Cinder work as a mechanic and makes her earn all the money for the family. She has another horrible step-sister, called Pearl and she cares a great deal about Prince Kai. Cinder has another step sister, who is actually kind! She is called Peony. Her step father ran away and left Adri to look after Cinder,but her stepmother would never talk about him. One day Cinder is sent to Adri to get her something from the junk yard but of course Peony wants to come along……. But Cinder is still lost in thought what has happened earlier that day. Prince Kai has come to her booth asking her to fix his android Nainsis. Peony and Cinder go to the junk yard but then suddenly something terrible happens…..Peony starts screaming in horror as she sees spots on her hands. Peony has a terrible disease called letimous. Adri blames Peony’s sudden accident on Cinder. That’s when things get complicated…….Cinder faces danger and sadness. Her sister is nearly dying…….and a Lunar queen has come.

What really struck me on the blurb is that it said, ‘This is not a fairytale you’ll remember but it’s one you won’t forget’. This book definelty deserves a 10/10 and I am looking forward to reading the next book!


4 thoughts on “The Lunar Chronicles “Cinder” by Marrisa Meyer”

  1. well done Omi – I really loved your writing style here, it made me want to follow your words and was inherently interesting in it’s own right


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