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2000trees Festival and a Village Fete

My weekend was action packed! 
On Saturday I went to our local fete at around 2:00pm. The first thing we did was look at the dog show. We saw a dog that was taller than me! The dogs were doing lots of tricks and some of them didn’t obey. Then my sister started begging to go onto the bouncy castle! We paid the money and started jumping. But later on I got bored so I left my sister to it. Meanwhile, my mum and I sneaked off to get some delicious ice cream! I didn’t forget one  for my sister!

After we had enough of the fete is was time to move on……to a music festival! To get into the music festival we had to go through a tent where you got a bracelet! 
As soon as I entered the place the music lit up….it was very noisy. Someone must have been on the drums because I felt loud beats going up through my spine. We saw two stages with musical talents but they were all filled up with people so we couldn’t see the band players. We then wandered some more and we saw an enormous stage. 

We liked this one. We sat down on the grass and listened, while eating pizza! Two bands went and it was time for us to go…….but first we saw some men dressed as cave men and dancing their heads off!   

Ha ha! This was the first time I’ve ever went to a music festival and I really enjoyed it! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜€


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