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Breaking News!!

Every Sunday or Monday I am hoping to be doing some up to date news about the world and hopefully you will be there to read it. Enjoy!

It’s time to talk Tunisian

This attack killed 39people. The gunman was 23 year old Tunisian student and their have been some sayings that he might not have acted alone. But don’t you worry the police soon sorted him out and killed him to prevent him killing any more people.

You all must be thinking should we be scared of this terrorist attack that has happened;and so recently in fact.The answer is no, Britain’s police officer, Sir Bernard, tells us why- ‘The odds of being attacked by a terrorist is one is twenty million.’ If has also been calculated that your more likely to win the lottery…..But still this is still very sad news.😭😭😓😓😢

Did you know?

Selfies have been banned at many of the Disney theme parks because of safety fears! Guests visiting Orlando, Paris and Hong Kong. However, the White House has just announced that you can take selfies and pictures when you are going round it as a tourist.
Pay up Greece!

Greece is part of the Eurozone and has been asking for and accepting emergency money to help their economy during a financial crisis that shook many countries in 2008. Greece has been hitting headlines this week because they have not been able to pay back on the deadline. In total Greece owns 1.55billion euros, they have until 30 June to pay all the debts or the country is kicked out of Europe. Greece has closed all the cash machines and the banks for a week!

Did you know!

Princess Charlottle is having her Christening this Sunday and she is one of the most talked people of 2015! She will be wearing the same gown that her brother wore on his Christening! 

That is the end of my news update!

And we all have been watching Wimbledon.



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  1. Благодаря Оми, новините бяха интересни .И чудесно представени


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