Theodore Boone series by John Grisham 

I loved the Theodore Boone series, it was the perfect fit for me…

It was about a boy called Theodore Boone who dreams of becoming a lawyer when he grows up and he his only thirteen! His parents are both lawyers and Theo had a very strict schedule when he comes back from school. All school homework has to be done before 6:00pm, dinner. On certain days he has to teach some asylum seekers’ children maths and English as they can’t go to school. Every Monday he has to visit his uncle. So he has a very busy life and on top of all that some of Theodore’s schoolmates keep coming to his desk and asking him to solve certain problems. I Loved all the books as they were challenging and mysteries and you didn’t know what to expect, I had to force myself not to peek at the back!

I would definitely recommend these books to children and adults who like mystery books. Definetly a 10/10!!!☺️☺️



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