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I can animate!

It has been a while since I have last done my blog so I decided to tell you about this new app I got…

The app is called ‘I can animate’ as you might’ve read on the title. This app allows you to make an animation and all you have to do is press a button….Cheese! I’m joking the app isn’t that easy you have to be very patient and move your figures very slowly so that when you play it it actually looks like what you want them to do. I made an animation, and I really don’t think it is good, but anyway…..Enjoyxxx

My animation is about some Lego figures talking and then the girl suddenly sees this baby tiger leaping for its pray. So the girl starts running away and of course the boy has to follow her. After running away from the tiger the girl gets fed up and starts chasing the tiger instead! The girl kills the tiger with her rolling pin and the boy and the girl eat the tiger. Funny right. This probably took about 15minutes and took up all my patience, but you have to keep on trying and I did it. I got the lite app of this because the full one costs money but to tell you the truth I think the lite one is just the same except you can only do 3animations. A little cheat about that is to keep downloading them onto your camera roll and then you have lots of space to animate. Have fun ANIMATING!


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