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@t Bristol 

Today my school and I went to a science museum at Bristol. Ha ha ha…. I am sorry but we were not allowed to take our own cameras today, so the pictures on this post are kindly taken from Google images. Thanks, Google! 

It was very fun there. There were a lot of things to explore. There was even a recording studio where you could do live news. (That was probably my favourite bit.) I really liked making enormous bubbles with some metal hoops which had handles on them. I even made a bubble that fit me in it but that one popped.

After we had finished exploring the glorious science museum it was time to move on….to Go Animate! We had to get there on time otherwise they would kick us out. We had to animate a movie by using some dolls to move around but we had to move them slow so that when you did the clip you could see how the figures were moving.

After we had done that we had to quickly go to the Planetarium and get our 3D glasses and go and seat in these sofa seats where you could see the top of the ceiling. We learnt all kind of things about space and the stars. Did you know the only reason the sky is red at night is because of all our street lamps and lights that are absorbed by the sky. We also got to have a quick glance of Saturn which is a very bright star that we can see at night if we look very closely. Not to forget the star constellations we looked at. So altogether I think I learnt a lot form this experience.

Now, now someone like me will never forget to buy some souvenirs…… A cool penicil with a jewel on top and of course a power ball! I also got a power ball for my sister, I’m not that selfish! 10/10 reccommend this to any families and schools if is worth the visit.xxx



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