The Girl Who Couldn’t Stop Arguing By Melissa Kite

Book review time!

This is a book that I got from a charity shop, as you may have read on one of my earlier posts The Book Shop…..

This book was about a girl called Maddison, who started arguing as soon as she was born. Although it says on the blurb that her father runs away and leaves the mum to look after Maddison, I do not account this happening in the book. I found the book deeply interesting, lots of difficult words, especially because she is a divorce lawyer and she gets involved with this very difficult case about a woman called Mrs Bilby and a man called Seth Taylor. Mrs Bilby had a husband who had lots of money, and unfortunately he died so all the money went to Mrs Bilby. She desperately wanted another marrige….. Then Maddison gets hit by a car-that is when trouble strikes.

I won’t tell you the rest of this fantastic novel you will just have to found out yourself;)

I would give this novel a full 10/10 but I’m afraid that because of the blurb incident I will have to give it 9.5/10.

Love this author and would happily read another novel by herxxxx 


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