Geek Girl by Holly Smale 

Today I was thinking, ‘What should I write?’, and then it popped into my mind that I should do a book review of my all time favourite series, Geek Girl by Holly Smale.

All the four of the books have been good, you may not see the 3rd book because I borrowed that book from a friend. In the first book is about a teenage girl called Harriet who unexpectedly bumped into a fashion agency and they think that she would be fit for them. There is also a boy that also works as a model and Harriet and the boy fall in love. The other books are about her trouble as a model, her parents in the way, a new baby, love and a lot of drama with friends and school life.

Luckily I was lucky enough to go and visit the author that wrote these fantastic books. She gave us a talk about what inspired her to write the books and then she answered some questions. The best question would win her 3rd book, which was the new one then, but I was very shy so I didn’t ask any questions.

I then went to get my book signed by her and my friend and I got to meet her up close, exciting!!!



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