Annie the Musical

Today I will write a film review about a film that I watched during the half term. 

The film was called Annie and I really liked it – the songs, the emotion and everything about it. It was about a girl called Annie, as you may already know, and she is a orphaned child. Her parents left her a necklace and a note saying that they would come back for her and every Friday Annie went to their favourite restaurant and waited for them to come. But one day as she was walking back home from the restaurant she bumped into a man, that is very rich, called Will Stacks and is running for a Mayor , a car was coming towards Annie and Will Stacks quickly dives in and saves her. This goes viral and everyone is starting to like Will Stacks more. Will Stack’s manager tells him that it would boost his votes more if he looked after Annie for a week. That is when it gets complicated….

I won’t tell you the rest as it will ruin it but the last thing that I will tell you is that it is an hour and fifty – eight minutes.

This is a FANTASTIC film and will recommend it to all age groups.This calls for a massive 10/10!



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