My secret bread recipe

As you all know I love baking, but lately I have been helping my mother make bread. Well, more like taking over. One day my mummy told me the secret bread recipe and I quickly wrote it down and from that day on I have been making the bread…


It’s quite easy, as long as you have a bread making machine you can easily make anything- including pizza dough.


  • Yeast or packet yeast
  • 1 table spoon of sugar
  • 360ml warm water – not too warm – lukewarm
  • 1 tea spoon of salt
  • 25ml of oil
  • 550g White bread flour 

First you need to have a bowl that you might use for eating soup. In the bowl you need to put the yeast in – if packet yeast put half of it in and if it is live yeast put 15 gr in. Next put the  sugar in the bowl and also put the lukewarm water. Then put the bowl somewhere warm, so that water doesn’t get too cold.  

 While the yeast is getting ready, you will need to take the bread bowl out of the bread maker and make sure that you put the thing that mixes the bread in.  I once forgot and it didn’t turn out that well… In the bread bowl you need to put the salt, oil and flour. After that tip in the yeast that has been devolved with the warm water and the sugar.

  After you do that put the bread bowl in the bread maker, sort out your settings and then….You’re done! 

  It usually takes 4 hours for the bread to be ready. If we set it at night, then we use the timer and the bread is ready in the morning. You would love the smell! 

This is a picture of my home baked bread….yum!



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