Other Writing

The sea

I really like the sea,

It’s fun for you and me,

We can play ball

But be careful not to fall

The sun in my hair,

Blown by the air

Is making me dream,

Opps, I nearly forgot the sun cream

The lovely soft sand,

Is great for a pop band

On a beautiful summer day,

Where everyone says “YAY!”

Never throw junk,

Never throw food

The enormous hunk,

Will soon let down the mood.

You might’ve noticed on the last paragraph I used a bit of a rhyme scheme, ABAB.

Hope you enjoyxxx😀😉



6 thoughts on “The sea”

  1. Мила Наоми, много ми харесва стихотворенито ти за морето – имах чувството, че аз съм на брега и всичко, което описваш, се случва наистина. Браво! Продължавай да пишеш! Целувки, леля – баба Илза


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