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Go Apes

Hello everybody,

just you know it is the first day of the month so…Pinch punch first day of the month no returns.

Anyway as you all know my half-term was action-packed and one of the things I told you I was going to was  to visit Go Apes in the Forest of Dean.

When we were so close to arriving at Go Apes my heart was beating very fast and it was very fortunate that we got lost….After a few minutes of wandering this very small village we realised we were lost. We turned off the Sat Nav and started to do it the old fashioned way, following the road signs. The signposting was great and sure enough in minutes we arrived at the cabin of Go Apes!

When we got there they asked for our names and gave us some safety information sheets, which to be honest scared me even more. After we read the safety information they told us that we were going to practise how to be safe in the trees. That calmed me down and when we were ready to go in the trees I felt confident enough.

I went through of all it, when suddenly there right in front of my face was a very scary swing called the ‘Tarzan’. Here is a link of a lady attempting to do the Tarzan swing but failing miserably….https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3SmSELqasKg. However, after some talking to the instructor and to my mummy, after creating a long queue behind, I went for it and plunged into the air and grabbed the net immediately. Oh, I was safe.

My favourite bit was probably the zip wire as it was long and speedy, but I didn’t enjoy it that much the because it was pouring down with rain, typical English weather. We were drenched.

I would recommend this to adults not young children because it may be a bit scary for them but just so you know after you complete Go Apes they give you a certificate, and of course I got one.

I will gladly give Go Apes a 9/10!

Lots of hugs to everyone that is reading and remember to keep smiling even when times are hard.



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