The Book Shop

Yesterday I went to Cheltneham and on the way back I stopped to have a look at a charity book shop.

At first I thought there would be lots of boring books, old fashioned, and that I wouldn’t like them but I found about five. 

One of the books was called Slells by Aprilynne Pike and on the blurb it says:”A year ago Laurel discovered that she is a faerie, placed among humans when she was a baby. Although she’s come to accept her true identity, Laurel refuses to turn her back on her human life-especially her boyfriend,David. But the faerie realm is in grave danger and when Laurel is summoned, she , must trust charismatic faerie-guard Tamani. Laurel’s felling for him are strong, and she is soon forced to make a choice that will break her heart… ”

Another book I got is called Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen and on the blurb it says:”Halley and Scarlet have been best friends for years, balancing each other perfectly. Scarlett’s the popular one, Halley’s the dependable quiet sidekick…Then Scarlet’s boyfriend I’d killed in a motorbike accident, just befor Scarlet realises she is pregnant with his child. For the first Tim ever Scarlet is the vulnerable one- she really needs Halley. But Halley has troubles of her own and their friendship begins to bend under the weight of it all, it’s a bond too strong to break, though….Isn’t it?”

The third book I got it called a Code name Cassandraby Meg Cabot and on the blurb it says:”You know all those kids on the missing persons ads? They’re not all missing anymore . Jessica Mastrani knows where they are, and to get to them. A power for good, right? Except now some very important people would like a word with Jess. People who know just how good power can be used for evil. Chased by the press, hounded by the feds, Jess just wants to be left alone by everyone…except class hottie Rop Wilkins (who still hasn’t called by the way).Stuck working at a summer camp, Jess is approached by the father of a missing girl, who begs her to find his daughter. It’s a decision that will lead her into deadly danger, but saying no just isn’t an option…”

The fourth book I got, the book I have just started reading ,is called The Girl Who Couldn’t Stop Arguing by Mellissa Kite:”What’s more important in a woman’s life: being happy or being right? Maddison Fligf, the girl who couldn’t stop arguing, is used to being right-but now she is finding it comes to a price…Maddison Flight refuses to be born for five days. She comes out eventually-kicking, screaming and scarred for life by forceps-but it isn’t long before her mother, Cynthia, realises the horrible truth: she has given birth tin the world’s first arguing baby. Cynthia’s husband Mithchell soon takes off in terror, leaving her to raise the quarrelsome rug rat with only the help of the next-door neighbour Shirkey-a sadastic retired nurse that detests children. Maddison’s  your life is full of proud milestones:at the age of one she beaks the world record for the number of times anyone has said the word ‘no’ during a two-week Spanish package holiday-4,477 times-and she gets better with practice.Lots of practice.”

The final book I got is called Emily Windsnap and the Siren’s secret, this may sound boring but the blurb is interesting:” An enchanting new story about Emily Windsnap- half girl, half-mermaid.Emily is delighted when her family returns to Brightport.But their attempts to follow Neptune’s orders to bring humans and merfolk together seems hopeless. Thrown out if mermaid school by her old enemy Mandy Rushton, Emily goes in search for lost sirens, banished by Neptune to a top secret undersea cavern. Only when she uncovers the true story behind the lost sirens can she bring pieces of her own life back together.

See the books are amazing and cheap too, you can find this book shop somewhere in Cheltenham. Oh and stay I tune for lots of book reviews.



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