Other Writing

The Missing Items

There was once a little girl called Courtney and she had a very ordinary life… 

“Goodbye mum, I’m going to school see you tonight” shouted Courtney as she shut the door.

“Ughh,” Courtney thought, “I have to go to school and today it’s maths”

After a few minutes cycling Courtney finally reached her school, she was already running late so she rushed to her locker and started searching for her maths book.

“Oh great just what I needed; where is my math book?” But the more Courtney looked the more things she could see were missing . Should she report this to the headmaster or not? “I’ll tell him tomorrow, it’s not that bad, I guess I just left some things at home” Courtney sighed and ran to her class.

“Mum, mum I left my lunch at home I came to get it”Courtney shouted. ‘She’s probably gone shopping’Courtney thought.

After a long day at school Courtney came to find the house vacant once again. “Mum, mum!mum,” Courtney yelled, “I’ve had a hard day at school and it won’t make me feel better if you disappear.” Suddenly there was a little squeak it sounded so near and yet so far,”Help!Help!” Courtney closed her eyes and then opened them again but instead of the normal kitchen table there was a glass table which had a little bottle that read ‘Drink me’. Behind the glass table there was a tiny door which read ‘Open me’

“This must be a dream, I’ll pinch myself to see if this a dream or not”Courtney said. Courtney pinched herself, it wasn’t a dream. Courtney looked at the glass table and the tiny door and thought about her ordinary life and reached for the bottle……



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