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Ten Days of Blogging!!

Hello everybody, 

Today is my 10th day of blogging and I will now tell you my 10 steps to start blogging successfully.

  1. Design your blog by choosing an interesting theme. I have found a few cool templates on wordpress.com. 
  2. Tell people what they’re expecting from your blog. This will give them an opportunity to decide whether or not they would like to follow your blog.
  3. Make your first post, with pictures. Pictures always help. Don’t forget to write a bit about yourself.
  4. You can play with the themes until you find the one that is JUST right for your writing style.
  5. Make sure that you have categorised and tagged your blog, so that people can search you up.
  6. Create pictures with interesting effects or you can draw a picture. (Here are some apps and websites that can help you: candy cam, YouCam perfect, Pic colleague (http://pic-collage.com)and an interesting website called Picmonkey http://www.picmonkey.com. 
  7. Aim to add a new blog post on a regular basis! (Writing every day keeps people excited).
  8. Approve comments, when you get them, but if they’re rude delete them.
  9. If you’re talking about something that has a website name include that in your blog post.
  10. Finally, don’t give up! Find something else to write about, something exciting, something that is important to you.

So those are my ten simple blogging steps.👌👍 Hope you found them useful.

P.S. An important step, added by my dad: be careful with your grammar and spelling!



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