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Winchcombe Walk

On Friday my school class and I went to walk in Winchcombe. We had Cotswold wardens to show us around. We went the Winchcombe way, which is from the centre of Winchcombe to Sudeley Castle (http://www.sudeleycastle.co.uk).  The warden who told us things about Winchcombe was called Colin and the other guy was called Jerry. Jerry  told us about the Cotswold way, which stretches more than a hundred miles from Chipping Campden in the North to Bath in the South (http://www.nationaltrail.co.uk/cotswold-way). We learnt that the sun is wherever Magnet South is and that West and East are likely to be a direction of a church. I think we might’ve walked around 4 or 5miles. At the end we received Compasses to remember our special walk. And it did not rain at all!

If you ever walk the Cotswold way remember the people who preserve it.



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