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The Moscow State Circus

I wish I had some pictures of the amazing acts that the circus guys did. They were Fantastic! My favourite act was when three girls went in three enormous glass bubbles. ( imagine a gigantic Christmas bauble)and did  complex acrobatics inside them. The circus had a story about a girl who had six wishes and each time she wished for an act, but on the last wish she didn’t waste it on herself, she gave up the wish for someone else – a boy on crutches, who was very dispondent that he could not jump like the acrobats.  There was also an act where atight rope was at least six metres high and a lady was going across, but guess what she did it withought any ropes. She did the splits, too. Have a look at the video of their practice http://youtu.be/vIQLJSRTlSY  As a little soveiner we got these funky lights, which flash and change patterns.    


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