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Guess the place

I could see lots of people on this very sunny day, no wonder this is the most popular town in the UK. Me and my sister holding hands skipped along the bridge. We stopped for a minute to look at the river. The river was flowing as gracefully as a tiger leaping on to its prey. There were loads of boats and as one went under the bridge, me and my sister screamed and ran off. As we waited, at the end of the bridge, for our parents to catch up with us we saw a nice cream van. Yummy. Me and my sister started walking towards the ice cream van and as we did I could hear the gentle crunch of the pebbles as we walked over them.

It was official we were right in the centre of this splendid town. I could hear and see people chatting and taking photos. The shops were filled with people from all around the world. Unlike some people me and my sister didn’t have time to look at shops we couldn’t wait to feed the swans. We went towards the river, but this time we were right next to it. The ducks were quacking and the geese were clucking. There was fountain with a swan on top not not far from the river and I could see people dropping coins into it. But what stood out most was a tall, made out of red brick, building. Me and my sister walked across the grey tiles and came face to face with the building it had millions of windows. We could see a massive red sign which red RSC. My sister turned around and saw some flags. One was the UK flag ant the other one was a blue flag. The wind was making the flags wave from side to side. We sat on the bench and admired the view.

Who will be the first to guess my favourite place, will it be you or will it not.



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