Boy Childhood by Roald Dahl

This book is amazing, I mean it, so funny and sad at the same time. In parts of the book I felt as if the exciting adventures were actually all stories but in fact they’re true. The first chapter is very gruesome. It is about Roald Dahl’s dad, one day he was on the roof of his house and he fell off and broke his arm. His parents quickly called the ambulance and when it arrived there was a drunk doctor and he thought that it was a dislocated shoulder and he said, ‘Pull, Pull as hard as you can’ so the nurses pull and pull until finally Roald’s dad’s bone came out of his arm and he was stuck withought an arm for the rest if his life. I don’t know whether this is a true story, but it felt like it was. Also it was a give away that it was true because there was a picture of Roald’s dad without an arm. I would definetly  recommend this book for those who like gruesome stories. 😉


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