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A Christmas Carol at the RSC: Review

On Saturday I had the pleasure to go to the RSC and see their production of “A Christmas Carol” as part of my birthday treat.

This play was a David Edgar’s adaption and he managed to ingeniously find a way to weave Charles Dickens and his editor, John Forster, into the story. Throughout the play they are spectators of the story and sometimes they would participate in the play, as Charles Dickens did when he became the young Scrooge at the Fezzwigs’ ball.  We, the audience, also understood why Dickens wrote the Christmas Carol i.e. to raise awareness of child slavery. Maybe the play is still relevant for some parts of the world nowadays – I keep hearing on the radio and other media about cases of child slavery and ways celebrities and politicians are actively fighting against this cruelty.

But back to the play – Phil Davis plays the role of old Ebeneezer Scrooge, and was very good at performing a grumpy, miserable old man, which is harder than it looks! The ghost of Christmas Present was especially haunting, with her ghostly voice and her stunning haunting costume. The costumes were magnificent with lots of craftsmanship gone into them. If you see those costumes, you will certainly want to support the new RSC campaign ‘Stitch in Time’ aimed to restore and redevelop their costume department.

However, the thing that amazed me the most was the stage. The set was full of surprises, with beds coming out of floors and magic carpets flying, that you couldn’t help but wonder how much work and engineering creativity had been put in behind the scenes.

This is a must -watch play and I’m going to give it a 10/10 for its amazing acting and fantastic set! But hurry up to get your tickets ‘ A Christmas Carol’ at the RSC, Stratford-upon-Avon, closes on 4th February 2018.



“I wanna be…”

In English we were asked to create  our own version of John Cooper Clarke’s song/poem, using “I wanna be” and alternate rhyming.

This is the poem I composed about Donald Trump, enjoy : )

I wanna be…

I want to be your Oval office

For your private meetings

I want to be the public gossip

Revealing your funny dealings

Let me be your busy Twitter

Let me be your silly litter

Donald you may be filthy rich

But be really sure…I ain’t ya ‘bitch’


I want to be your private jet

Travelling around the globe

I want to be your hidden debt

Concealed in your wardrobe

Let me be your Kim Jon-un

Let me be your dry-run

Donald you may be filthy rich

But be really sure…I ain’t ya ‘bitch’


I want to be your greasy smile

That makes everybody cringe

I want to be your hairstyle

The cheap-looking fringe

Let me be your frenzy manic

That puts the whole world into panic

Donald you may be filthy rich

But be really sure…I ain’t ya ‘bitch’


The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry

I’m reviewing another newly published book by an author that I have never heard of -Sarah Perry! The Essex Serpent has been the Bestseller list of the Sunday Times for a while now( well, I do check the Culture section of the paper 😉 ) and I got it just after Christmas from our local Waterstone’s.

The story is set in 1893 and the main character is called Cora Seaborne. Recently her husband has passed away and Cora steps into the life of a widow. Her marriage was not pleasant and “she never suited the role of a society wife”. In fact the parts of the story depicting her married life were  rather upsetting to me – the husband used to pull her hair and caused her pain…brrr. Cora has a son, Francis and after the death of her husband both Francis and Cora leave for Essex.

They stay in Colchester until rumours about the mythical Essex Serpent urge Cora to move to Aldwinter. There she meets William, Aldwinter’s Vícar. They both think very differently about the rumours of the Essex Serpent and start a romance.

However ,William is married and Cora is very fond of his wife. William’s wife suddenly develops a strong fever and Cora suspects it might be the Essex Serpent.

Will Cora and William be together? What about Williams wife? Is the Essex Serpent real? Read it find out!

This novel is aimed at adults and is about the working of life, love and belief.

I would give it a 8/10 as it took me a while to get into the story !



Heartless by Marissa Meyer

This is a new  beautiful book by Marissa Meyer with her modern twist on the Queen of Hearts, Catherine. “Before she was the Queen of Hearts she was just a girl who wanted to fall in love”.

Catherine is the daughter of the Marquess and Marchioness and has a reputation to uphold. She wants to open a bakery with her servant. Mary Ann.

One night she attends a black and white ball and the King takes a fancy of her. The King likes her so much that he decides to propose to her. But before he did that Catherine ran away and fainted. Luckily, the Court Joker was there to look after her. The Joker and Catherine fell in love at first sight.

The Joker and Catherine love each other but it is a real challenge for them to be together. Her parents, of course, would never allow her to be with the Joker and the King wants her for to be his wife.

Meanwhile, the Jabberwock is on the loose and animals are being killed.

Will the King stop the Jabberwock? Will Catherine marry the King? Will she ever open the bakery? What about the Joker? Will there be a happily ever after? Read to find out!

I would recommend this book to teenagers. It is full of drama, romance and action!

A 10/10 from me!!!



Harry Potter and The Cursed Child By J.K Rowling, John Tiffany and Jack Thorne

“The eighth story. Nineteen years later.” Yep that’s right I have just read “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”  and it was an AMAZING book! Except it wasn’t an ordinary book, it was a rehearsal edition script.

This “script” is about Harry Potter and his child Albus Potter. Harry Potter now is an overworked employee at the Ministry of Magic and is married to Ginnie, obviously. He has three kids, Albus, James and Lily. However, Albus is different from the other two children and doesn’t have a very pleasant relationship with his father, Harry.

In the first few scenes Albus is beginning school at Hogwarts. On the train ride to Hogwarts he makes friends with Draco Malfoy’s son,  Scorpius. Not such a fantastic start for a “Potter”.  Nonetheless, Albus is chosen to be in Slytherin by the Sorting Hat. Uh, oh Harry is not going to be very happy! Albus and Harry get into a massive fight in scene seven and it ends up with Albus having very unpleasant thoughts about his father.

Before Albus and Harry’s massive fight, Cedric’s father, Amos, comes to visit and asks Harry to bring Cedric back with “The Time Turner.” Harry refuses to give it to him, he lies to Amos and says the Ministry of Magic doesn’t have a Time Turner. Meanwhile Albus is eavesdropping on this intriguing conversation,when Cedric’s niece, Delphi greets him. He jumps in surprise and as soon as he sees Delphi has falls for her. Only if he knew who she really was….

Later on Albus realizes that Harry is lying about not having a Time Turner and decides to heroically steal The Time Turner from The Ministry Of Magic and to save Cedric. However, Albus has no idea what he is getting himself into…

Will Albus finally make his dad proud? Will he stop being friends with Scorpius? Will he realize who Delphi really is?  Will he save Cedric? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

This book was as magical and enchanting as all the other Harry Potter books! It was filled with drama on every page! I recommend this to all ages and hope you find it as fabulous as I did! It’s a 10/10 from me!

I found this book so great that I asked my mum if we could get tickets to see the play, but guess what? The two parts of the show are sold out at least until January 2018! Maybe I”ll have to wait for the film if it ever comes out…



Wings by Aprilynne Pike

The third book in the series and truly amazing!

This book is about a girl, called Laurel, who two years ago had discovered that she was a faerie. Laurel is a fall faerie meaning she is the second rarest faerie after the winter faerie. Before that stunning discovery, Laurel was living a normal human life with her fantastic boyfriend David. But after meeting Tamani, she felt butterflies in her stomach every time she met him. In Wild (the previous book) Tamani told Laurel that he loved her…

There are various events, which happened in the previous books of the series to make this third book quite intense and interesting. There is the danger from the trolls, the uncertainly who to trust and who these characters really are.

I would recommend this book to teenagers who love drama and romance novels. This book deserves a 8/10 because it makes you want to read more and more every second! The drama was so intense I couldn’t put the book down!


Rory the Racing Raindrop

Hello readers, I’m very sorry for not posting for a while! I have now started high school and my teacher told me to write a story about how the raindrops go through the water cycle. This is what I wrote, hope you like it!

Rory the racing raindrop

“Ughhhh, today it’s just going to be a boring old Water Cycle day!!” stated Rory.

“I know right, I wish we could be like those racing raindrops– who take a different route each time!” replied Ryan.

“Wait I have an idea!” shouted out Rhianna, “We CAN be like those racing raindrops; we can make our own race!”

“That is the best idea ever!” Roxy exclaimed.

The four raindrops gathered together and decided on their routes. Rory was going through the through flow, as he thought that was the quickest way. Ryan thought the ground water flow would be the quickest.

Rhianna decided to be brave and see if the surface run-off would be working. As for Roxy she wanted to go through the process of transpiration.

“READY……STEADY…GOOOOOOOOO!!” screeched Rory.

Rory’s perspective:

“I really wanted to win the race; I wanted to show the others that I was destined to be a racing raindrop.

Out into the distance millions of other raindrops were getting ready to be evaporated into the air. I found this bit quite scary as it felt like I was going a million miles an hour, but I couldn’t show any fear! I am Rory the Racing Raindrop. Any minute now….. “SHWOOOOOOSHHHH!”

I really hoped that my route was the quickest way….”

Ryan’s perspective:

“After evaporation it was condensation this part is when all the raindrops either condense into rain or snow. I like being snow, but as this was a race I really hoped that I would be rain. I could barely see Rory in the distance, but just enough to see that he really didn’t like being evaporated. I wasn’t very sure if my route was fastest, but I really hoped it was….”

Rhianna’s perspective:

“Up, up into the clouds we went. The next step was to precipitate onto the ground and I had to act quickly and make sure that I won the race. Hopefully the ground was saturated enough for raindrops to move quickly back to the ocean. I was certain that the surface run-off would be the quickest way back home….”

Roxy’s perspective:

“Instead of evaporating I decided to try Transpiration, which is where you get taken up by the plant roots and return to the air as vapour. Anyway, I’m in the process of precipitation at the moment and I couldn’t see Rory, Ryan or Rhianna. Maybe they were behind me; maybe they were in front of me! Now I was starting to think that this way might not be so good after all….”

Rory’s perspective:

“As I landed on the ground, I remembered that I needed to infiltrate into the soil and then, hopefully I would get to the ocean first. To infiltrate into the soil, I had to wait for the soil to soak all the raindrops up. It was quite a wet day so it should work quite quickly…..”

Ryan’s perspective:

“To go through to the ground water flow I had to percolate deep into the ground and get transferred back to the ocean. We’d all taken our different routes but I was hoping that mine was the fastest of them all.”

Rhianna’s perspective:

“Today it was very wet and much to my delight the surface run-off was saturated enough for water to flow back to the ocean. I am so happy and nearly burst into a song, but there was no time I had to get back to the ocean so I could beat the others…”


The four raindrops had all taken their different routes and I will now tell you who wins….

Rhianna, who bravely took the surface run-off back home, was first. Then Rory, who had taken the through flow, was second. Next was Roxy, who decided to go through the process of transpiration instead of evaporation. Then last of all was Ryan, who thought the ground water flow would be the quickest way.

“Next time I’ll beat you Rhianna!” exclaimed Rory.

“As if,” replied Rhianna.